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Magyar_kokardaHungary is a small country in the middle of Europe. We are the border between East and West Europe. Our history is really “rich”. Lot of wars, revolutions. Hard feelings in our souls.  What a coincidence that our nation’s one of the biggest celebration, is exactly the birthday of Beto? This is a national holiday, Hungarian flags all around. We are wearing “kokárda”, see on the left. Read more

Conventions, Conferences, Cruise. Just a very  few ZIN™ members has the chance to get there. Bringing a taste of this experience was the goal when the Happy Birthday BETO event was developed. Have a large arena with professional sport floor, stage, sound, lights etc. Just like the best events. Bring together the local community, ZINs and Zumba Lovers. Provide ZIN™ members an environment where they can show their talent. The idea worked perfectly we had a fantastic day. See the program 2015. Special thank for Bernadett Fejszes ZJ. Originally from Hungary together with Zumba® from the very beginning, she inspired us from day 1. Thank you for HO supporting us with a HOC in Ocober 2015, with Loretta Bates. See this here. Read Loretta’s words about Zumba Love <3. This year we getting ready for the the 5th Zumba® only event over a  1000 participants.


See the program for 2017! Daniella Cesnekova ZES and Mario Gutierrez ZES will be with US and over 50 talented Zin™ member will entertain the participants for a full day.
See the program here:

The event, will start at 11.00 and will finish at 20.00 or later? Talented KIDS on stage will open the ceremony, GOLD ladies will inspire us for future active life. 8 times 50 minutes Zumba® classes in a row by ZIN™ teams. Schedule is under construction, but one thing is sure, we will be there and will celebrate our Zumba® passion and Beto’s birthday. We believe that one day Beto will join to us for a local party, but until than we enjoy all the benefits that the Zumba® program provides us. Thanks for all the passionate, hard worker Zumba® instructors 🙂

This year the last action ot the event will “Álomtesi” óra, means “Dream Physical Education” class, with over a 1000 kids on the floor. As we believe that every school needs a Zumba class, so the organizers contacted all the schools around Hungary.

We would like to say thank you for all the ZESs who have already visited Hungary, inspired and educated us. And also THANK YOU BETO!

Marta Formoso, Alfredo Padilla, Hermann Melo, Izabella Kin, Laura Caira, Daniela Cesnekova, Ana Georgescu, Nena Eleni Daskalopoulou, Mario Gutierrez, Kelly Bullard, Gina Grant, Jenna Bostic, Sirin Ortanca, Vanessa Morris, Loretta Bates, Lars Wensink, Karine Opasinski, Abraham Hernandez, Mylgia van Uytrecht, Jaromir Cremers.

Also for all the ZJs.
Eduardo Fajardo, Tanja Gottardo, Adela Iacob, Jelena Diklic, Karolina Matouskova Williams, Diana Nagy and Ádám Horváth.

Special thanks for Adele Harrington for our first conversation in Rimini 2009 about having the first B1 in Hungary.

Would you like to join? Go to the event platform and buy your ticket here:

Contact ZIN™ members who support the event here:

Find the event on Facebook:

Thank you for Varga Zsuzsanna Sára 🙂

For more information contact me 🙂
Grundmann Béla

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